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You cannot use ANALYZE to collect statistics on data dictionary tables. You cannot use ANALYZE to collect statistics on an external table. Instead, you must use the DBMS_STATS package. You cannot use ANALYZE to collect default statistics on a temporary table.
ANALYZE Pivotal Greenplum Docs.
For a partitioned table that contains a leaf child partition that has been exchanged to use an external table, ANALYZE does not collect statistics for the external table partition.: If ANALYZE ROOTPARTITION is run, external table partitions are not sampled and root table statistics do not include external table partition.
PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.1: ANALYZE.
If the table being analyzed has one or more children, ANALYZE will gather statistics twice: once on the rows of the parent table only, and a second time on the rows of the parent table with all of its children.
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to analyze analyzed analyzed analyzing analyzes. to analyse to analyze to analyze. to analyse to analyze. to analyse to analyze to psychoanalyse to psychoanalyze. to analyse to analyze to canvas to canvass to examine to study. to analyse to analyze to break down to dissect to take apart.
Analyze Definition of Analyze by Merriam-Webster.
1: to examine something to find out what it is or what makes it work The bacteria were analyzed under a powerful microscope. 2: to study carefully to understand the nature or meaning of analyze a problem. variants: or British analyse an-l-z analyzed or British analysed; analyzing or British analysing.
Analyse or Analyze: Whats the Difference? Writing Explained.
Here is a helpful trick to remember analyze vs. Analyse and analyze are two spelling variations of the same verb. Users of British English prefer analyse, while American English users have standardized around analyze. You should use analyse with primarily British audiences, and analyze with primarily American audiences.
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